Chief Ethanol Fuels, Inc.

a subsidiary of Chief Industries, Inc.

A pioneer in producing renewable fuel.

Chief Ethanol Fuels, Inc.

A pioneer in the ethanol industry, Chief Ethanol Fuels, Inc. was Nebraska’s first dry-mill ethanol plant and remains committed to producing renewable fuel and high quality feed today. The plant is a continuous flow Vogelbusch process.


Chief Ethanol is committed to producing quality renewable fuel, and produces approximately 140 million gallons of ethanol annually.

Ethanol co-products for cattle feeding

The starch that is removed from the corn kernels is used to make ethanol. The remaining nutrient-rich material is concentrated into distillers grains, and condensed distillers solubles.

The solubles are made into a syrup form and added back to the distillers grain for higher nutritional value as a wet (DWGS) or dry (DDGS) product.

Chief Ethanol Fuels, Inc.                   Chief Ethanol Fuels, Inc.
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